to combat anti-immigrant rule changes

Here’s how you can advocate right now:

H.R.1069 | Shut Down Child Prison Camps Act


1600 kids age 13-17 are being held at Homestead. They are innocent of any crime.

Federal guidelines say children should never be detained longer than 20 days. There are children in homestead who have been there more than 9 months. It is not accountable to Florida state regulations.

Homestead is a for-profit prison. Caliburn makes money by keeping kids in prison here.

Children need to be with their families, and their families are waiting for them.

Contact your rep about supporting H.R.1069. Learn more here.


HIAS NEEDS OUR HELP! things you can do:

  • Grace Act Sign-On Letter - The GRACE Act is legislation to restore U.S. leadership on refugee resettlement, setting a minimum floor for the annual refugee admissions cap at 95,000. Sign to show your support as a synagogue or as clergy

  • NO BAN ACT - The No Ban Act was introduced in Congress to repeal the Muslim Ban last month. Find out if your elected officials were co-sponsors in the Houseor Senate, and call or tweet to them letting them know you want them to sign on. you can also send HIAS’ Jewish organization letter, to show that there is wide Jewish support. 

  • Meet-up at the RAC's Consultation on Conscience in DC - If you're attending the RAC's Consultation on Conscience Conference this month, join Rabbi Rachel Grant Meyer, HIAS' Rabbi-in-Residence, for a Welcome Campaign meet-up on Monday, May 20th from 5:30pm-6:30pm at Cure Bar & Bistro in the Grand Hyatt hotel. Please RSVP to

  • If your congregation is planning a trip to the border, HIAS may be able to consult with your or offer planning resources. Please be in touch with

  • Legal Delegations to the Border - If you are interested in joining a future HIAS-led pro bono attorney delegation to the border, please fill out this form